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Don't focus on frequency of accidents, look how quickly we clean the site later: Minister of Railways

23, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: After yet another major accident, Indian Railways and Minister Suresh Prabhu are facing a lot of criticism for the poor safety standards in Railways. Now Suresh Prabhu has hit out at critics and accused them of focusing only on accidents and ignoring their efforts in cleaning up the area afterwards.

Suresh Prabhu
“Look how quickly we clean the area afterwards”

Ever since he took the office of Rail Minister, Suresh Prabhu has been focusing on improving the cleanliness in Indian Railways and he is upset that nobody is talking about that while discussing the accidents.

“Yes there have been a few accidents recently and it is all very unfortunate but you can’t go on criticizing Indian Railways while ignoring our good work. Go and look at all the accident sites now and you won’t be able to tell if there ever had been an accident there. All the sites have been cleaned very nicely and most of them have functional wifi signal as well. However, our work towards Swachh Bharat is getting overshadowed by all these accidents”, Mr Prabhu said while speaking to our reporter.

Furthermore, he added, “We are focusing on reducing the accidents and hopefully we will reduce them too but till then, we can’t deviate from our mission to spread cleanliness. Our work there must be appreciated and acknowledged as well.”

When we asked if he is thinking about resigning after the rise in train accidents, he said ,”Arey yaar, why should I resign when even opposition isn’t asking my resignation? Good thing Ravi Shankar Prasad ji is in our party else he would have been demanding my resignation on every news channel by now.”