Doordarshan to announce their exit poll results today for all five states

12, Dec 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi: The Congress party made a return to the Hindi heartland, bagging Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and largest party but short of majority in Madhya Pradesh. In Telangana, KRS sealed a landslide win, but the grand old party lost in Mizoram to MNF, its last bastion in the Northeast where where it was in power for last 10 years. Most of the exit polls were correct except Madhya Pradesh where many exit polls had given the edge to BJP. Meanwhile, Doordarshan has announced that they will release their exit poll results today for all the five states.maxresdefault

Doordarshan employees have been quick this time. They had released the exit poll results after the CM took oath in Gujarat and Karnataka. This time the Doordarshan employees have worked day and night to get the results.The work for the exit polls had started 4 years back and they had even hired some interns to do this stuff. Looks like Doordarshan has spent effort + money to come up with the numbers.

Although people are aware of the election results now they would still like to see what the national broadcaster predicts because the data will at least be helpful for the broadcaster to know how efficient their team has been in exit polls.

The polls have thrown open the 2019 Lok Sabha elections which until a few months ago appeared to be in the grip of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party.