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Dozens fall sick after attending a speech by Raj Thackeray

02, Feb 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. At least 57 persons were hospitalized with symptoms like nausea, headache and vomiting after they attended a meeting where MNS chief Raj Thackeray delivered a speech on development of Mumbai and Maharashtra. Most of the victims have been discharged after primary treatment but condition of 13 of them continues to be delicate, although doctors have declared them out of danger. Doctors consider it a case of “speech poisoning”.

“We took samples of water and food that was presented to these guys and also toured the venue where the meeting took place. After laboratory tests, no contamination was found in the food and water samples and the air too was found to be clean and healthy. This seems to be a case of a disease that is spread by viruses and parasites that are speechborne.” Dr. Potdukhe, who treated most of the sick people at Bombay Hospital, said.

Raj Thackeray delivering a speech
Raj Thackeray is seen here reacting when he saw a few present men and women falling unconscious as he delivered his speech

Most of the people, who fell sick during the meeting where the speech was delivered, confirm that they had started feeling dizzy even without having any food or water, giving credence to the prognosis done by Dr. Potdukhe.

“Things were going alright but soon I started feeling as if there was darkness all around. The appearances of people around me started getting blurred and they appeared like half naked warriors of Salman Khan’s Veer to me. For a moment I even thought that they were shouting Pindari Pindari like the Veer warriors, but I believe they were actually yelling Bihari Bihari.” Viru Waghmare, one of the guys who fell unconscious during Raj Thackeray’s speech, said.

Many others who attended and consumed the speech had similar stories to tell, although a bulk of people didn’t complain of any such problems. Doctors believe that the virus has mutated itself and has stealthily found its way into the immune system of many persons, causing them not to fall ill.

“This is a very complex kind of parasite or virus we are dealing with here. I believe that it has mutated itself several times now and might even masquerade as antibodies, which may cause some people to believe that they are alright, even though they might actually be sick.” Dr. Potdukhe cautioned people against being complacent, and asked them to see a doctor soon.