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Dream interview with Rahul Gandhi

18, Sep 2013 By idiot420

He talks dream, he walks dream, he eats dream, he writes dream, he dreams dream. Yes, we are talking about none other than Kohinoor of Congress and merchant of dreams, Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

He is hardly available to media to take questions, it’s a dream to get his interview, but Faking News got this dream opportunity.

Our reporter dozed off while thinking of ideas, and he saw a dream where he was interviewing Rahul Gandhi. Here are highlights of that dream i.e. interview:

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi using his magical powers to help a person sleep and see dreams

Faking News (FN): First question, how did you appear in my dreams? Rahul Gandhi (RG) : you must be a very poor person. Poor people love me and they see me in dreams.

FN: You are right. I’m a poor person. Not a good salary. Will you pay me if I write good things about you? RG: No. because if I pay you, you will no longer be poor. I want poor people to dream. Their dreams should be the biggest.

FN: Like a poor chaiwala dreaming that he will become Prime Minister of India one day? Do you support such dreams? RG:  Next question.

FN: What do you think about Kashmir problem, how can we solve it? RG: First of all, that’s not a problem. Pakistan is a poor country and they have every right to dream big and they are doing it. Let Pakistan dream about Kashmir. We will reply with a bigger dream, say Congress sweeping elections in Pakistan.

FN: Why have you become so obsessed with dreams of late? What started this tryst with dreams? RG: It was Rajiv Gandhi ji’s dream that everyone should have a dream; and I will help, especially the poor, with dreams.

FN: In your recent rally, you cited physical illness as reason for poverty which is quite a drastic shift from your earlier, ‘poverty is a state of mind’ theory. RG: My speeches are well researched, but are always in a beta version. I am evolving as a human being, so obviously opinions keep on changing. Even Einstein’s theory of relativity could be contradicted tomorrow. Each day I rediscover myself, my dreams, and my speeches.

FN: The craziest thing you have ever done in life? RG: I went to a poor man’s house and didn’t eat anything.

FN: When did you do that!? RG: In my dream!

FN: Ok, why are you not getting married? RG: That’s a wrong way of asking. More appropriate way of asking the same question would be, “What about your dream girl?”

FN: Ok! So what about you dream girl? RG: I am already married to my dreams. Mere khawaab hi meri dulhan hai.

FN: Rahul Ji, thank you for such an insightful interview. RG: You’re Welcome, Tata, Good Night, Sweet Dreams.