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Driver invested in National Herald without telling us: Sonia Gandhi

13, Dec 2015 By Vaibhav Anand

10 Janpath, Delhi: Boldened apparently by Salman Khan’s acquittal in the 13 year old Bandra hit and run case, Sonia Gandhi today claimed that the National Herald case too involved the Gandhi’s driver.

If Salman's driver can do it, why cant't my driver
If Salman’s driver can do it, why cant’t my driver

Speaking at a national meet of the Congress party today, Ms. Gandhi said that Tadapit Kumar, Rahul and her driver of fifteen years, was the actual investor in National Herald and not the Gandhis.

“I want to confirm today that it was our driver, Tadapit-ji, who had given the Rs. 90 Crore loan to acquire a controlling stake in National Herald,” Mrs. Gandhi said, amid cheers and applause from the crowd of Congress party-men at the meet.”

“Tadapit-ji did so without informing Rahul or me, and his only mistake was that he happened to once share a cigarette with Mr. Subramanian Swamy’s driver, post which Mr. Swamy started falsely implicating us in this case,” she said.

“It is the intolerance of the Narendra Modi government that they are targeting innocent people like us, whose drivers happened to innocently invest 90 Crores in a company,” she continued.

Faking News in-house news analyst pointed out at the increasing number of instances where Drivers are ‘taking over’ the blame from their owners since Salman Khan was acquitted by the court.

Apparently, a few enterprising individuals have teamed up with these ‘happy to be fall guy’ drivers to start their own online blame taking venture. “It’s a lucrative market out there. So many cases and you know how the judiciary functions. By the time a criminal is convicted he is almost ready to die a natural death,” said a serial entrepreneur.

Meanwhile, Narayansamy spoke all out in support of the Gandhi family giving them a clean chit even before they appeared before the court. “It is a well known fact that ‘Rahul can do no wrong’. This is just another ploy by our opposition to tarnish the image of Rahulji,” said Narayansamy, with his hands still unwashed since the time he picked up Rahul Gandhi’s footwear.