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Duryodhana returns, claims rights on the throne of Delhi

02, Mar 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh might be confident of surviving the protests from the opposition and his own allies over the issue of price-rise, but he surely has no idea how to deal with this. Yuvraaj Duryodhana, the quintessential villain of Mahabharata, has made a comeback and has claimed that the throne of Delhi was rightfully his. Duryodhana has also approached Delhi High Court in this regard.

“I was the Prince of Hastinapur and Pandavas defeated me by deceit. They also spread false rumors about mine and my anuj (younger brother) Duhshashan’s death. Whereas we had just gone on a self-imposed exile after being defeated in the war of Kurukshetra,” said Duryodhana during an exclusive chit-chat with Faking News, arguing that since no one from the Pandavas clan seemed to be interested anymore in laying a claim to the throne, he was duty bound to come out of his self-imposed exile.

Duryodhana denied any possibility of forming a political party and fighting elections to get back the Delhi throne. He argued that since no one, duly authorized by either the Pandavas or the Kauravas clan, ever signed the instrument of accession document offered by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on behalf of the Republic of India, he had a legitimate claim over Delhi.

Kaurav Prince Duryodhan
Duryodhana is all set to be back in limelight

But experts believe that this argument by the Kaurava prince could actually save the central UPA government, although endangering the Delhi state government of Sheila Dixit in the process.

“Clearly, Duryodhana is talking about Hastinapur only, which is now the National Capital Region of Delhi. At best, NCR could get a special status like Jammu & Kashmir and Duryodhana could be allowed to rule with autonomy,” said Owais Abdullah, a legal and constitutional expert.

As expected, Duryodhana is not happy with what is being offered. “What nonsense! Even Krishna had tried to offer me something similar, and you know what followed. Don’t give me that shit again!” Duryodhana declared amid loud noise of thunder, lightning and rain-showers.

Duryodhana also expressed displeasure and anguish over the poor condition of his ancestral property and vowed to erect more palaces when he gets his throne back. Surprisingly, he expressed support for Ambedkar Parks being constructed by the Uttar Pradesh government in the region.

“I love elephants. All of you must be knowing that I possess power of 70 elephants like my bête noir Bheema. I’m okay with these projects,” announced Duryodhana, who claimed that he had clear thoughts on a lot of issues ranging from poverty, inflation, agriculture and global warming, for which he would seek help from his good friend Karna, son of Surya (sun god).

Delhi High Court is yet to accept or reject the petition by Duryodhana, but voices in support of him are already being heard. Expelled Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh has expressed interest in joining him if the Rajput prince changed his mind and decided to float a political party.

Digvijay Singh too is expected to support the initiative.

“I will try my best to convince Yuvraaj Duryodhana to join politics. I believe he would be an asset to the Indian politics. We could also take Behen Mayawati along if he desires so,” said Amar Singh, who felt that Duryodhana didn’t have much of political options as BJP was not interested in anti-Ram or anti-Krishna people, and Communist parties would reject him as fraud imperialist, while Congress had their own in-house Yuvraaj.

“I would go and join the casino of anuj Duhshashan in Las Vegas, rather than joining politics here,” Duryodhana said, once again denying the possibility of him forming a political party.

(based on the scoop provided by Pagla Ghoda)