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EC: EVMs are connected to Facebook and only votes of people posting selfies with colored finger will be counted as genuine

14, Dec 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Is EVM hacking possible? The Congress thinks so. The BJP thinks that the Congress is cooking up this story because it knows that it is losing the Assembly elections. A total of 89 constituencies went to polls on Saturday, in the first phase, in Saurashtra, Kutch and South Gujarat. But the election commission has carified that EVM hacking is not possible, and to strengthen their point they have installed a new technology into all EVMs. Votes will be considered genuine only when the person voting has posted a selfie with his colored finger on Facebook and for this to happen the EC has tied up with Facebook.


This solution will enable EC to be double sure about the transparency of the voting. EVMs are being fitted with WiFi chips which will make them connect to the internet. The software will do face recognition of the person who is voting and will check his Facebook page after 10 minutes of the voting. If it is able to detect the selfie with colored finger the vote will be counted as genuine or else the vote will be considered as bogus.

EC has hired 100 engineers to make the plan a success. Students from engineering colleges are hired on a contract basis and this has come as a boon for the tier 2 and 3 colleges who have difficulty placing their students in to good companies. EC is also planning to do a mass advertisement of this campaign and will also try to implement it in other states which going to polls in the coming years. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is happy with this collaboration as this is a great initiative to realize the true potential of the Social Media platform.