Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


Ekta Kapoor to handle Modi’s twitter account for one day, will tweet the same tweet 3 times

04, Mar 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. After Modi announced that he will give up his social media accounts for one day to inspiring women of India, many women have shown interest.


Rumors are that Ekta Kapoor will be given the task of tweeting from Modi’s account. She has already prepared for the role. So if you see the same tweet tweeted three times from Modi’s handle, don’t complain about a technical glitch.

That is exactly what Ekta is known for and she will try to deliver her signature style on social media too. She has learned all the main dialogues of her serials, and she will be tweeting all dialogues three times to create that extra impact.

As India was scratching its head over a cryptic tweet by Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying he may soon go on a social media detox, the prime minister has finally cleared the air behind his decision.

And it is all about celebrating women on the occasion of Women’s Day. Akshay Kumar was so excited that he went to a Surgeon for a sex change operation so that he can be the one who gets a chance to handle Modi’s account.