I was once elected as Class Monitor in school: Aditya Thackeray hits back critics who say he lacks experience 

01, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Aditya Thackeray has thrown his hat in the ring announcing the entry of next generation of Thackerays into politics. Though he found a lot of support from Sena workers, critics questioned his candidature saying he lacked experience. “For someone who always projected himself as against dynasty politics, this political plunge is hypocrisy,” remarked a political analyst.

aaditya thackeray

Aditya did not hold back any punches and took a liberal swipes at those who sought to stymie his entry into politics.

While speaking exclusively to Faking News he said, “I know many of you would term this as dynasty politics and accuse me of not having the requisite experience. But let me tell you, I founded the Shiv Sena Yuva morcha. I was also the class monitor in sixth standard. A post for which I was unanimously elected from a class of 100 students.”

“Even when I was not actively involved in politics, I have kept myself busy with social issues. Just to remind you, the plastic ban of 2018 was my brainchild. And once in power I assure you that I will take up even more serious issues like the menace of cringe worthy TikTok videos,” he added in attempt to reach out to his voter base.

Aditya’s response has for the moment zipped the mouth of those raising doubts, more specifically from the Congress.

Meanwhile, Bollywood came out in support of Aditya. Many celebs tweeted their wishes for the young politician.

All the best Aditya. If you don’t make it in politics, I am always ready to launch you in Bollywood—tweeted actor/director Karan Johar