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Election Commission : It is a baseless rumor that campaigning for Rajnikanth’s political party will be done by election commission

06, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Actor Rajinikanth’s entry into politics is all set to be firmed up by July-end, said his brother Satyanarayana Rao Gaikwad some time back. Even Union minister  Nitin Gadkari reacted to the possible entry of the superstar into politics, saying: “He is welcome in politics and it’s my request to him to think about BJP. There is an appropriate place for him in BJP.” But one entity who has been into trouble because of this rumors is the election commission. There are rumors that if at all Rajnikanth starts his political party, the campaigning during elections will be done by the EC.


The Centre on Tuesday named Election Commissioner Achal Kumar Joti the next Chief Election Commissioner of India. Achal’s first task would be to tackle these rumors about election commission’s role in campaigning. Most of the Rajni fans believe that for a superstar like Rajni, it makes sense that the body conducting elections should be the one campaigning for his party. This way his stardom can truly be justified.

Our Faking News reporter Harneet Bedi spoke to Mr. Achal who had this to say,” Rajni jokes are fine, as even I get a lot of them on WhatsApp, but it should have some limit. Election Commission is the foremost and the most unbiased body in the world when it comes to elections. How can we campaign for a party. Yes the only thing we can give to Rajni sir is the symbol of the Election Commission for him to use as his party symbol. Other than that we won’t do anything. He has to campaign himself and his party workers have to help him, just the way other parties do it. No special treatment.”

Rajnikanth was not available for comments but it is believed that he is strongly preparing for his first campaign rally.