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Election Commission checking if they announced an election in Banaras after hearing about PM's visit to the city

22, Sep 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

VARANASI:  On his first visit to Varanasi after his party’s over sized victory in the Uttar Pradesh elections earlier this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will head back to his parliamentary constituency today. Though it is a big occasion for PM Modi, it has created havoc in the election commission office. Most of the officers are checking if there is an election anytime soon in Varanasi and whether they have missed out marking the dates in their calendar.


PM Modi, 67, had camped for three days in the holy city in March that helped give the BJP 312 of the 403 seats, the biggest majority for any party in Uttar Pradesh since 1977.But after March this is the first visit by the PM, which makes people think that he only visits during election time. People in Varanasi were seen asking each other if there is any election planned for the up coming days. PMO has installed posters at every corner of the city assuring that there is no election in the upcoming days and PM’s visit is only for inaugurating many infrastructure projects in the pious town. Modi Ji has promised that he will not talk about his achievements in the past 3 years and will not ask for votes for which people were afraid of.

Yogi Adityanath has ordered the civic work department to carry out major cleanliness drive for the PM’s visit. He is even sure that just like the PM did in Gujarat, he may announce some big initiatives for U.P, something on the lines of Metro, or river front or a big factory. PMO has also kept its ears wide open about any new announcement of the PM in Varanasi as they are the ones who have to implement what the PM promises in his constituency.