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Election Commission to look for a new official emblem as Rajnikanth takes it as symbol of his new political party

26, Jun 2017 By RT

Chennai. Amidst an absolute frenzy, uproar and euphoria in the country, Rajnikanth started his new political party and immediately announced the official emblem of the election commission of India as symbol of his party. Lots of top officials from the commission have quit from their jobs and joined the new party, it is learnt by Faking News.

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“Many of our top officials have already quit from their jobs and joined the new political party. I have one last assignment to find a new suitable emblem for the commission. Once I submit my suggestion, I will also resign and join the super star’s party. I, like all my colleagues, would like to quit from conducting elections to elevate ourselves to winning elections” an officer from the commission told Faking News.

“It is our privilege that our emblem finally is going to be seen and recognised throughout the country. Even if the star has not taken it away from us, we would have offered it on the first chance. Earlier, the EC has considered giving up the symbol to only two individuals with international reach, CID and Chuck Norris. Now that our universal super star has joined politics, there is no question anymore. If CID or anyone else wants it, he/she will have to just fight it out with Rajnikanth” the officer spoke like the propaganda secretary of the party.

“Our leader has launched the party and everything changed. Alliance proposals are coming from all over the world. We have recognised the election commission of India to their happiness. It is only fitting that we took the EC emblem as our party’s symbol. EVMs have tampered itself and people have already agreed to pay for their votes in the next election. About 12 other states have asked our Thalaivar to take additional charge as CM of those states as well” a fan and a future party mla told Faking News.

If the rumours are to be believed, Trump has invited Indian PM to discuss the new world order, with Rajnikanth’s political party having been launched in style with Indian EC emblem as the symbol of the party.