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Election Commission to change party symbol of Shiv Sena from Tiger to Cat

04, Dec 2014 By chickoo2984

Mumbai. The Election Commission of India (ECI) has finally decided to give in to the popular demand of the Marathi manoos of allotting a new party symbol to the Shiv Sena. A new symbol of cat will replace the old tiger to represent the change in party policies.

However, Sena is not happy. One of its leaders said, “The Sena chief is not happy with the development. He said they have always worked for the empowerment of the marathi manoos , marathi asmita, Sushmita, Pratibha, and others, and they will not accept this. However, we are ready if the symbol is changed to Marathi cat or ‘Mani (Money) Mau’.”

Some Shiv Sena leaders argue that Cat is known to be Tiger's aunt and hence superior. Therefore the change in symbol is good.
Some Shiv Sena leaders argued that Cat is known to be Tiger’s aunt and hence superior. Therefore the change in symbol is good.

ECI sources say that they took the decision after witnessing a party meeting called last week. This urgent meeting of Shiv Sena MPs and MLAs was called by party chief Uddhav Thackeray at Matoshree, which was also attended by some well-wishers.

“The meeting was called to decide on joining the Fadnavis government,” the ECI member who attended the meeting dressed up as a well-wisher told Faking News.

Reportedly, between 4.15 PM and 4.30 PM, the party leaders suddenly went berserk. Some of them started breaking chairs and became united about sitting in the opposition.

The rest started chanting slogans of ‘Jai Bhavani Jai Shivaji’ without knowing its meaning. Few of the workers were so angry that they even started shouting ‘Rail roko’ and ‘Pakistan murdabad’.

However things eased when the party chief himself stood up and asked everyone to relax, informing everyone that he had taken a decision to join the government.

“However we will be withdrawing support to the Fadnavis government after one or two, or maybe six months, if they don’t give us both the Textile or Panchyati Raj ministries,” the party chief is reported to have announced to the shouting group.

“However after further discussions, it was decided that either of ministries will be alright for the party,” the ECI member revealed.

The party workers were very happy when the party chief further announced that the post of PA to the Chief Minister will also stay with the Sena for the time being. The meeting concluded by the chants of ‘Shiv Sena zindabad, Shiv Sena zindabad’ from the vocal supporters.

“This is when we decided to change the party symbol of the party,” the ECI member confirmed, “The election symbol remains the same though.”

Latest reports suggest that Shiv Sena has given a 48 hours deadline to the ECI to change its decision else they might adopt the new symbol.