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Election to be held between BJP and AAP to decide who will sit in opposition

09, Dec 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Fed up with BJP’s and AAP’s “pahle aap, pahle aap” attitude where they are offering each other the chance to lay a claim on government formation, Election Commission announced another election between both the parties to decide who will sit in opposition.

Broom -2
Gearing up for ‘Broom 2’

This special “opposition selection election” will take place on 17th of December, in which only BJP and AAP will be contesting.

“It’s a very awkward situation, as both the parties holding the public mandate are willing to be in opposition. Such a love for being in opposition is unheard of in parliamentary democracy,” said the Chief Election Commissioner of India, “That’s why we decided to take public help to end this love lock.”

In this special election, the party getting more seats will be sitting in opposition and the loser will have to go ahead and lay a claim on government formation based on the number of seats they won in the 4th December held assembly polls.

After EC’s statement, party workers of both BJP and AAP have restarted their campaign, but this time with a slightly different agenda in mind.

“We are asking people to vote in our favor to keep us away from power,” said an excited AAP member with a broom tied around his neck.

Jo jeet ke bhi haaar jaaye use ‘Baazigar Inverse’ kahte hain,” he quipped, which was quickly shared as tweets and Facebook updates by other AAP supporters.

Since the elections would be almost a MTV Roadies like vote-out, AAP has requested hosts Raghu and Rajv to campaign for them again, while BJP has asked Vijay Jolly to put black ink on every Delhi voter’s nameplate so that Delhi residents give them a chance to sit in opposition.

Eyeing a revenge against team Kejriwal, Congress party has offered its full support to AAP.

“We will vote for AAP and force them to form the government with our outside support. Now we know what Rahul Gandhi ji meant when he said we have to learn from AAP,” a Youth Congress member said.