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Engineer MP wastes time online, misses opportunity for scam

23, Aug 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Laziness and lack of discipline cost him at least 3 grade points during his engineering days, but it was compensated as a lower CGPA helped him get into politics. However, things have turned really bad this time for Akhilesh Lal, a first time MP, who has failed to take part in any scam due to his laziness and internet addiction.

“Akhilesh was very bright and talented in his initial years and was an eager learner of corruption techniques. He also assisted me in some scams as an intern, but don’t know what happened to him afterwards!” said his worried political guru, “Not only high-command, even his family is not happy.”

Sources confirm that Akhilesh is a social media and TV series addict. He spends hours staring at his Twitter and Facebook timeline and commenting “LOL” whenever he sees a picture of Anna Hazare. He even has a fake Twitter account from where he keeps on abusing everyone.

The only control that Akhilesh is crazy about is on the computer keyboard

When not wasting time on Facebook or Twitter, Akhilesh plays video clips on his laptop.

“He can tell you which episode of Prison Break it is, just by looking at a still frame. In his laptop, you can always find at least 10 movies getting downloaded from pirate bay,” said his frustrated wife, who is still waiting her diamond jewelry that was to be earned through commissions and kickbacks.

Akhilesh’s close relatives claim that his engineering background is the only reason for his laziness.

“He has got a brilliant company of experienced scamsters, but hasn’t earned even 1 crore rupees in the last four years,” rued his father, “It is the last year and we hope that he will make up for the backlog; just like he used to clear all backlogs in the last week of the exams during the engineering college days.”

Not only his family members, even fellow party members are upset with this errant behavior by Akhilesh. In their words, Akhilesh Lal is passing a wrong message to aspiring politicians.

“He is young, he is educated, and now he should be corrupt. That’s how we want the youth to take charge,” Mulayam Lal, a senior party member told Faking News.