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We have enough money in our piggybank to topple Punjab and Chhattisgarh governments says a BJP leader

26, Jul 2019 By dasu

New Delhi: There are sections of Political Pundits who have good experience on horse-trading feel BJP has paid more than the market rate to rebel MLAs of Karnataka assembly.


“Yes, it is one more feather in the growing cap for Amit Shah ji, but I am afraid it has come at a huge price”, said Kedar Sahani while talking to super excited Rajdeep Sardesai.

“Look at the cost of two bananas Rahul Bose shared at a five-star hotel he is staying. These rebels have stayed so many days in posh hotels of Mumbai without going outside to have one vada pav also”, he added.

However, BJP general secretary Vinay Pratap Rudy says these so-called political pundits have no knowledge. “We have so much money in one of the piggybanks in our central office, if we break that we can topple governments of Punjab and Chhattisgarh”

When a reporter asked, “How can you do that, in these two states Congress has 2/3rd majority?”. To which Mr. Rudy replied, “Arre baba, how much time it takes for a Congress MLA to resign or breakaway to form another party. In Chhattisgarh INC has 68 MLAs to ours 15. If 2/3rd of Congress MLAs break like their counterparts in Goa congress did and come with us. We will rule one more state”.

“States like MP and Rajasthan, fruits are so ripe, even if we throw a stone, these two governments will break”, said another BJP leader.

However, Party has not liked Mr. Rudy’s comments on cash dealings for MLAs invoice settlement.

“It was told to everyone during our last Chintan Baithak, no more cash dealings. Even while dealing with horse trading we must do it in digital way. We will ask Mr. Rudy to issue clarification on this soon”, said a leader close to Amit Shah ji.