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Even HR managers working more than Parliamentarians, an upset Advani says

15, Dec 2016 By dasu

New Delhi: Looking at the sheer wastage of time inside the Parliament, veteran leader LK Advani is feeling that time may have come for him to resign from Lok Sabha after witnessing another washout session.

“What is happening in Parliament bhai?”

“Do you think at this age I became an MP, just to come to Parliament, sit inside this central AC hall, get up and leave after an adjournment, come back, sit, stand again for the next adjournment, leave, repeat for a month. Is this the way to treat senior leaders? At least ensure that the house gets adjourned for the day right at the start”, said Mr. Advani while speaking to us.

“Of course throughout these adjournments, we aren’t doing anything productive at all. People of the country say that HR managers do the least amount of the work followed by HR executives but even they work during December bhai. All of them are busy putting up decorations inside offices for Christmas and New Year. We aren’t even doing that much work”, an upset Advani added.

“One guy is telling read from my lips, another guy says I am available for debates now, let’s start. It is like a street fight between 2 people but without actual fighting. It is so embarrassing to watch all this”, said Mr. Advani.

Further, he added,”I am so bored ever since they put me in that retirement home called Maargdarshak Mandal. I look forward to parliament sessions as they provide me with a break from my normal routine. Now even here there is nothing to do. Debate something bhai, anything. If nothing else, debate the quality of the new Humma song and compare it with Remo’s version but do something man.”

When asked if he is seriously considering resigning as an MP, Advani Ji said ,”Resign? And kill my chances of ever becoming PM? Never. This is just emotional drama to make these MPs work.”