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Every AAP MLA’s vote should be counted as two votes: Kejriwal

10, Feb 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. In order to solve the problem where critical bills like Jan Lokpal or Swaraj may not be passed due to lack of majority in the house, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has come up with a unique solution.

“If we don’t want another election, we will have to modify constitution allowing an honest person to have more votes than a corrupt one,” the Delhi CM suggested.

Arvind Kejriwal
Two votes for every vote

To test this idea on a pilot basis, Kejriwal has suggested calling a session of Delhi assembly and put Jan Lokpal to vote, where every AAP MLA’s vote will be counted as two votes.

“They are honest people and obviously deserve more weightage to their voice than their counterparts from corrupt parties or turncoats like Binny. Although, it seems to be a little undemocratic, but as we told you earlier, we are here to change the system,” said Kejriwal, putting forward his point of view.

If the experiment in Delhi is successful, AAP has suggested implementing the same formula in Parliament after next Lok Sabha elections. This includes vote of confidence or no-confidence while forming a government.

“There was a Faking News report about S&P rating Indian politicians. But S&P is a private company, so AAP will rate politicians and accordingly their votes will be allotted weightage,” an AAP leader claimed.

While other political parties have called the whole idea nonsensical and anarchist, some experts have termed it “natural”.

“We all think that a ‘Like’ on our status update is more genuine and straight from heart than a ‘Like’ on the status update of person whom we hate. AAP is thinking in a similar manner,” said famous psychologist Manoyogi Khurana.

AAP too claims that this is natural and a product of age old wisdom.

Sau sunar ki, ek lohar ki – we all know this ancient proverb. Here, ‘lohar’ represents common man, while ‘sunar’ represents rich people and the privileged class. So going by this proverb, our one vote should be equal to 100 votes, but being modest, we are asking just for two,” explained party spokesperson Ashutosh.