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If EVMs were not hacked, Sarv Sambhav Party would have won UP: Rajpal Yadav

15, Mar 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Lucknow: After BSP and AAP, Sarv Sambhav Party (SSP) has also raised concerns over the hacking of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) during the recently concluded assembly elections in 5 states. As per party leader Rajpal Yadav, if EVMs were not hacked, SSP would have formed a government with a clear majority.

Rajpal yadav
“BJP hacked our majority away!”

Results for UP assembly were declared on the 11th of March and BJP won a landslide victory with Samajwadi party a distant 2nd, followed by BSP in 3rd place. SSP failed to win a single seat and Rajpal Yadav has alleged that it is only due to EVM hacking.

Speaking to media at a function in Lucknow, Mr. Yadav said ,”There is definitely some hacking involved else how did we fail to win clear majority? Forget majority, we didn’t even get a single seat. Despite our long and illustrious political career, why did we fail? SP was in power, everyone expected SSP to replace them but that didn’t happen. Election Commission must agree for an independent probe so that all these questions are answered.”

“We conducted an internal survey before the elections and it showed that we will win 260 out of 403 seats then we didn’t we? There can’t be anything wrong at our end, it is simply a conspiracy hatched by BJP and its allies. If BJP is confident that it won fair and square then they must conduct the polls again with paper ballots and we will see who emerges as the winner”, Yadav added.

Meanwhile, Election Commission is considering a proposal to hold elections again and again till every party doesn’t emerge with equal number of seats. “Only that will stop these people from charging us with favoritism, when everyone will get equal number of seats”, an election commission official said.