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Ex-Minister overstays in bungalow, refuses to vacate, Govt. disconnects free WiFi to evict him

23, Aug 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: An ex-Minister who refused to vacate the bungalow allotted to him, has been left with no other option but to finally move out after the free WiFi connection that was provided to him was disconnected by officials in a bid to evict him.

The Minister who has been staying in the bungalow for the last 10 years has been given several notices on previous occasions, but somehow he managed to evade eviction.

Basic Necessity
Basic Necessity

“He has been staying illegally for the last 2 years even though he is not a minister. We tried cutting off electricity and water supply to his house. But being a hardcore Delhiite he managed to survive even without them. No amount or force would have any effect on him,” and a source close to the development.

“Minority, caste and whatever you can think of. Like a seasoned politician he played all the cards that were available to him to stop the authorities from removing him from the bungalow. Even threats of taking this issue to Arnab didn’t elicit a flinch,” he added.

When Govt. officials ran out of options, they finally decided that they would disconnect the free WiFi connection provided to him.

A shocked look on one of the Govt. official who came to hand over another eviction notice almost read out the entire story.

The story has sent shivers amongst other encroachers who have used their political clout to stall efforts of eviction. Some are even planning a dharna outside PM’s house to protest against Govt’s latest move. “The PM keeps touring other countries. He may not require a bungalow, but we do,” screamed an ex-Minister.

“Politicians are taking us for a ride. Kejriwal promised free WiFi in Delhi. Where is it?” he added, oblivious to the irony in his own statement.

Will the Govt. provide alternate wifi to quell a rebellion? Is a question that the IB Ministry is shying away from, with the opposition taking this opportunity to target the ruling party for its high handedness while dealing with those who served the country.

Meanwhile, the ex-Minister was last seen at on platform No. 4 of Dadar station, where free high speed WiFi services have been made available recently.