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Fake anonymous donations to political parties expected to grow by 1000%: Arun Jaitley

01, Feb 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: In order to bring more transparency to political donations, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced in his budget speech that political parties will now need to show fake cash donations from 10 times the number of people it was showing till now. Till now, political parties could receive 20,000 Rs as anonymous donation but now it has been reduced to 2,000 Rs. This means that the parties must show 10 times more anonymous donors.

Arun jaitley
Smile, your politics is clean now

This move has been hailed as the most path breaking and revolutionary step ever taken to clean up politics. “We all know how much the politicians hate work. Now the idea of creating 10 times more fake receipts will be too taxing for them and they will prefer to declare all actual donations. Which means that the people donating will also declare this income, else questions will be raised how did they find this money to donate. With declaration of this money, our tax revenue will grow, our tax base will grow, our GDP will grow, our economy will grow”, said a very excited official from the Finance ministry.

PM Narendra Modi has also congratulated Arun Jaitley for this far-reaching reform to clean Indian politics. Speaking to the media after an election rally, PM Modi said ,”With this one move, Arun Jaitley has brought TRANSPARENCY, Truly Revolutionary And New Special Provision Aimed Resourcefully Exactly as Needed in Current Year- TRANSPARENCY.”

When we asked what any of that means, Mr Modi signaled to Venkaiah Naidu who stepped forward to explain the acronym.

Meanwhile, several bulk orders for receipt books was placed at the stationery shop closest to Parliament right after the conclusion of the budget speech.