Faking News Exclusive: Rahul Gandhi preferred Nachos to Popcorn while watching Star Wars

20, Dec 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: 2 days after Rahul Gandhi was caught watching Star Wars in a cinema hall in Delhi, shocking details are still emerging about the incident. In an exclusive, Faking News came to know that Rahul Gandhi chose to eat Nachos while watching the film instead of going for the more popular popcorn.

Nachos khaane ke baad muskurata ye neta

Speaking to Faking News on the condition of anonymity, an employee at the multiplex said ,”When Rahul Ji arrived to see the film, at first I thought they have converted this cinema hall into a temple but later I realized that he has come to see the film. I immediately filled up a big bucket of popcorn and offered it to him but he declined. I thought I have done something wrong but then he said he will take Nachos. I wanted to video record this incredible development but it was not possible for me to do it while standing right in front of him.”

BJP has already hit out at Rahul Gandhi for this act. party spokesperson Sambit Patra said ,”This just goes to show why Rahul Gandhi can’t relate to the majority of the people in this country. he should have picked popcorn to experience what the majority experiences but his elitist mindset led to his choice of Nachos.”

Congress has reacted sharply to Mr. Patra’s comments with the party saying that popcorn prices have risen so high under PM Modi that even Rahul Gandhi can no longer afford to buy them.

Meanwhile, a news channel has managed to access the CCTV footage showing Rahul Gandhi accepting the plate of Nachos and political experts agree that this footage will cost Congress 2019 elections.