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“Farmers should realize that I am not Arvind Kejriwal” - Rahul Gandhi hits back in style

08, Jun 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Amethi: Addressing a huge rally of millions of people in Amethi, Rahul Gandhi has strongly condemned the statement given by Arvind Kejriwal to NDTV where he had said that “Narendra Modi should realize that I am not Rahul Gandhi”.

Hitting back at Kejriwal, Rahul baba has said that “Farmers should realize that I am not Arvind Kejriwal. Because I am not the one who will kill a farmer only because of my political motives.” Rahul Gandhi said amidst thunderous applause from a few people in the crowd.

Kejriwal is now thinking of a statement to get back at Rahul Gandhi
Kejriwal is now thinking of a statement to get back at Rahul Gandhi

“Have I ordered pizzas while I was in a farmer’s hut? Yes I admit that. Have I made Diggy uncle install an AC in farmer’s hut when I slept there? Yes I admit that. But have I killed farmer in front of my eyes when I was giving a speech in a rally? Perhaps no, I haven’t done that as yet. But Mr. Kejriwal has. Think about it!” Rahul earnestly pleaded to the audience.

He further added, “And I will say it again. Farmers should realize that I am not Arvind Kejriwal. I am repeating this because I have heard a rumor that some Kisaan bhais think that I am a Kejriwal, but please don’t go on these rumors, I am a Gandhi and will always be.”

“Besides he has a mustache. I don’t have that. He generally wears a muffler, even in scorching 40 deg heat, I can never do that. He coughs a lot, but I smile a lot. I love to see cartoons, he himself is a cartoon. I like to get entertained; he is a source of entertainment. He is an anarchist, I am a monarchist. We are very different him and me,” Rahul baba concluded and waved to the masses for a minute after which he was taken to a farmer’s air-conditioned hut, where he was served with fresh pan pizzas and a coke mobile.

While no AAP leader has as yet reacted to the news, Dr Kumar Vishwas has promised his fans and worshippers that he has taken off from political world for next 3 days and will be replying to Rahul Gandhi in wittiest way possible. Rumor is hot on Kr. Vishwas fan sites that he is working day and night on a poem which he would dedicate to Rahul baba and which he will also be singing on the stage in an upcoming concert.