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Features and review of MOS (Modi Operating System) by BJP Corporation

30, Jan 2014 By Sarkeshwar

In a series (hopefully), Faking News brings you some scenarios of what would have happened if political parties were like tech companies. We bring you one such product reviews.

Modi OS (MOS)

Modi OS
The system in action

MOS is an operating system produced by BJP Corporation for use on young personal computers, including home and business desktops, commercial systems, and importantly government PCs. Although it sounds like DOS, it’s much advanced system, the developers claim.


  • General Availability: October 7, 2001
  • Beta Version: 2.002 [discontinued]
  • Stable Version: 2.012 [Latest stable release]
  • Upcoming Version: 2.014 [Worldwide release]

RSS AntiVirus
An integral part of MOS


  • License: Proprietary commercial software
  • Language Support: Gujarati, Hindi and occasional English phrases and keywords [other languages will be added on priority basis]
  • MRP: Free trail. Premium version available at cities like Bangalore for Rs.10 with huge discounts.
  • Security: With each copy of Modi OS you are provided with lifetime support of RSS Inc.’s RSS Antivirus free of charge [RSS is well known for detecting highest false positive samples]
  • Social Media: One of the best social media integration we have reviewed in an OS. Special APIs are provided for tight SNS integration.

Reception: MOS is fairly popular among youths and middle-aged persons. It is considered to be representing the new Metrosexual Indian. As we have observed, MOS gives more emphasis on empowering the user with new tools and applications instead of downloading freebies from internet.

“It’s good for hard-line drives; it takes good care of them. I couldn’t find any corrupt sector on my hard disk after using this OS,” claimed one of the diehard fans of the Modi OS.

However, professional testers have found some minor bugs and errors. The OS has recently also been criticized for inaccurate statistics and figures in output. “When I logged out after an hour of usage, the task manager was showing a system uptime of 15 hours. I think they have messed all the calculations part,” said Varun Bedi, a new proud owner of MOS and ex-IPS officer.

“MOS is near perfect OS and second to none. People criticizing it are part of a media campaign to malign our image,” said Kanchan Kofta, senior developer, BJP corporation.

Many experts and analysts believe that the future release of MOS could take the market by storm, so much so that some fear the risk of monopoly in the market. Other observers have termed such fears as far fetched and have said that the next release might not see any radical improvement over the current release.