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Fed up of extreme religious politics, Delhi youths launch PHP - Progressive Hindu Parishad

22, Oct 2015 By gustavemahler

New Delhi: In the wake of the recent controversy over the beef ban and the killing of a villager in Dadri over allegedly keeping beef in his fridge, a group of liberal free thinking youths in the capital have floated a new political party, The Progressive Hindu Parishad or PHP.

Progressive Hindu Parishad
Progressive Hindu Parishad

Founded by a group of techies, the party is currently operational in New Delhi but will set up branches all over the country in an attempt to bring together largely peaceful, liberal, free thinking Hindus who subscribe to the live and let live philosophy.

“Online trolls and political activists of other hardliner parties constantly target free thinking individuals, and unfortunately we do not have a common platform to respond appropriately to such incidents. Liberals are mostly on their own when they are targeted. Our aim is to provide a platform for all free thinking liberal citizens, and despite what the name of the party suggests, membership is open to anyone from any religion or atheists too,” said party president Ekaur Sharma.

When asked about their political ambitions, Sharma said their high level goals at this stage were two fold. “On one side, we will try to increase our presence in the country and attract more people to join the party; you know those who are fed up of the extreme opinions in the current political discourse. On the other hand, we are also going to prepare for the next assembly elections. We will start with Delhi for now and see how it goes. I am sure Delhi’s population is more or less a well informed lot and we will surely do well.”

The party’s principles are based on the foundation of non-judgmental coexistence. “We do not mind if others around us eat beef or pork, for instance. What someone eats, drinks or smokes, because what someone does in the privacy of his home or within his rights as a citizen is none of anyone’s business, as long as they are not being unlawful. If you break the law, like attack or kill someone or indulge in gundagardi etc, we will not be quiet. We will respond and protest in the PHP style.”