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Fight in front of Congress office between 2 rival groups to give the ticket to each other

23, Jan 2015 By burabandar

New Delhi. Police was called in after a riot broke out between two rival groups in front of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Office. The reason for the riot has left both the party & the authority bewildered.

Two known rival Congress leaders had taken out rallies in support of each other to be awarded the party ticket from Rohini constituency in Delhi for the upcoming legislative assembly elections. In normal times, the scenes would have been different with the rival claiming to get tickets for themselves. But times have changed as it stands today.

So much love

Neelkamal Rathi and Vijay Dahiya, 2 leaders from the party have been political rivals for generations. Sources tell Faking News that their buffaloes too refuse to give milk if it wanders to the rival’s territory. So it did appear to be a pleasant surprise when Neelkamal openly requested the party to give ticket to Vijay.

What Neelkamal had claimed was, “Abki baari, Vijay karega bhains sawaari” (This time, Vijay will ride the buffalo). This some claimed was a jovial reference to ride to the Legislative Assembly.

However, things are not what they seem. In a flash, Vijay Dahiya came out in support of Neelkamal, “High command se badi vinati hai, Neelkama tau ko banao ummedwaar, is baar” (I request the party high-command to nominate Neelkamal Uncle as the party candidate, this time).

While this show of brotherhood was surprising, it was almost amusing to observe this goodwill between two rivals. However as faith had it, this was no show of friendship but a deeply sinister ploy to get even one more time while their party lay in coma.

It is now come to light that both candidates knowing that chances of Congress winning the elections were less than Taliban turning to Gandhigiri, they were under no situation willing to get tickets to contest. Also since the loss of anyone contesting on a Congress ticket was divinely sealed by Lord Brahma himself, they wanted to get even with each other. Hence both took out processions in support of each other to the Party Headquarters where this so-called bonhomie was exposed.

A party insider on conditions of anonymity disclosed, “These candidates are treating the party as aged parents whom none of the brothers want to keep at their place.”