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Files do get burnt or go missing during investigations, says Kripashankar Singh

03, Mar 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Congress leader Kripashankar Singh, accused of amassing wealth disproportionate to his known sources of income, has downplayed the reported event of files being burnt in the backyard of his Bandra home. The former Maharashtra Congress chief says that such events are routine during investigations and they shouldn’t be attached much importance.

“Files do get missing while law takes its own course,” Mr. Singh said, “We have earlier seen how files related to Adarsh Housing Society scam went missing from various offices in Mumbai and Delhi. This is not anything new.”

“Even witnesses go missing, at least nothing of that sort has happened in my case,” he said.

Kripashankar Singh
What's so big deal man? asks Kripashankar Singh

Mr. Singh reiterated that law should be allowed to take its own course and media and public shouldn’t unnecessarily get bothered with incidents like burning of files or possible tip-offs about raids on premises of the leader.

When asked by Faking News if he thought he was being targeted because he was a North Indian living in Mumbai, Kripashankar Singh said that it was a good idea and he will think about it.

“But one thing is for sure,” he said, “I am being unfairly targeted because people think I could be corrupt. Speaking against corruption has become a fashionable thing and I am the latest victim of this fad.”

“Some people are still wearing that ‘I am Anna’ cap and are making such noises,” he claimed.

He expressed hope that people would soon forget about such issues and let the courts and police do their job – the standard procedure that should be adopted by any civil society and functioning democracy.

“I have full faith in the judiciary and justice system of this country,” he said, “Let’s wait for a few years, our courts will decide.”

Congress leader, who is often projected as the leaders of North Indians in Mumbai, cited the example of Lalu Prasad Yadav, who was chargesheeted earlier this week by the CBI for his involvement in the fodder scam that took place during his tenure as the Chief Minister of Bihar in 1996.

“It’s not like it took thirty or forty years for the CBI to file the chargesheet!” he said, “Let’s wait and watch what courts say about my property. Let’s wait. It’s not Sachin’s 100th international century that must happen within a year.”

(Originally written for and published in English Daily DNA)