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FIR against Election Commission for displaying symbols of political parties in polling booth

04, May 2014 By manithan

New Delhi. It has been a busy month for Election Commission, as it had filed too many FIRs, even more than one could see the UPA government doing the same in case of terrorists attacks or communal riots.

While the Election Commission was lauded for its secularly heroic act in firing FIR against BJP’s prime minister candidate Narendra Modi and for remaining silent on Farooq Abdullah or Shazia Ilmi, it is now facing problem from unexpected quarters.

Election Commission violated the poll conduct by showing symbols of candidates in their EVMs

A lawyer from Delhi has filed a petition to urge Delhi Police to file FIR against Election Commission for displaying symbols of all candidates/political parties in polling booths across India.

Talking to our reporter, the lawyer Ashish Malviya said, “Election Commission has filed FIR against politicians for displaying political symbols after voting. But, they themselves had violated the poll code conduct by displaying party symbol in almost all areas outside and inside the polling booth. For example, if you see the walls outside the polling booth, the list of candidates with their party symbols are displayed in neat, bold version.”

“Apart from it, the voting machine, EVM has the symbols of candidates being displayed!” he pointed out, “It is of serious hypocrisy that Election Commission can display the symbols of candidate in polling booths and even in voting machine, but does not allow politicians to do the same. So, I have filed a plea urging the Delhi court to direct Delhi police to file FIR against Election Commission for display of symbol.”

As soon as this news spread, spokesperson of all political parties welcomed the move by the lawyer, as almost all of them were fairly pissed off with the Election Commission for various reasons.

BJP spokesperson said, “We welcome the lawyer’s intelligent move. Even our in-house lawyer Arun Jaitley or online supporters had failed to take notice of this double standards by Election Commission.”

Congress spokesperson said, “Though we see this as conspiracy by the BJP, probably a revenge act for the FIR against Modi, we still praise the lawyer for his keen observation. Rahul Gandhi ji was busy in campaigning, else he would have also spotted this issue.”

Aam Aadmi Party has revealed that it was in talks with the lawyer Ashish to make him join the party and make him the PM candidate (Kejriwal will declare that day as Sacrifice Day, as he will be sacrificing the PM post).

Sources tell Faking News that leaders like Amit Shah, Giriraj Singh, and others affected by EC are inviting the lawyer for grand parties in 5-star hotels.

The lawyer is said to be in an excited state but got tensed on getting invited for a Buffalo party by Azam Khan. “I can milk money from client who looks like buffalo, but dealing with real buffaloes is not my cup of tea,” he said as he declined the invitation by Azam Khan. Khan later termed the lawyer communal as he mentioned “tea”.

Meanwhile, when this Faking News reporter conducted a survey about the effect the display of Lotus by Modi will have on future phases of elections, one of the response was, “What kind of funny news is this? We all believe that Modi voted for Congress or AAP, but definitely not for BJP.”