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FIR against Narendra Modi for making a statement with no political meaning

05, Sep 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In a major blow to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, an FIR has been filed against him by some activists for issuing a statement that had absolutely no political connotation.

Teachers teach in schools” Modi said in a function organized by Faking News on the eve of Teachers’ Day. The statement left thousands (though some sources claim the number to be running into millions) of political pundits and experts devastated.

Narendra Modi
Did Narendra Modi troll others by issuing that disappointing statement?

“Why is he issuing statements like Chidambaram – rupee will find its value based on supply and demand and other such textbookish stuff?” complained a political analyst who was waiting to write an editorial on whatever Modi says.

“WTF! This is not what we expect from him!” rued another analyst who had skipped his lunch to write a critical piece on Modi’s politics, body language, and vocal cords.

While the statement came as a major disappointment to headline writers, there were people who could still critique Modi’s statement.

“Betrays his total absence of intellectual prowess,” tweeted a journalist reacting to the comment.

“He doesn’t even know that teachers also teach in colleges and coaching institutes. Pity that this guy is seen as someone who could lead India,” the journalist added.

The tweet attracted hundreds of responses, but the wider world of experts and analysts remained livid with the controversial and polarizing Chief Minister for not giving any controversial or polarizing statement.

“We employ resources to track his movements. OB camera vans are there to beam live everything he says. We pay professional Modi critics and serial Modi supporters in advance to come exclusively on our news channels to debate. And then we get such a pathetic statement!” complained a senior executive with a leading news channel.

With such efforts gone waste, some mighty pissed off analysts decided to file an FIR against Modi accusing him of cheating (IPC 420) analysts, hurting sentiments (IPC 295A) of his critics, and criminal conspiracy (IPC 120B) against news organizations.