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Following Modi's demand for Temple; Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi, Nitish etc make more demands to UAE

17, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

Taking a cue from UAE govt allocating land to buil a temple on PM Narendra Modi’s request, more Indian politicians intend to tour the country and demand things related to their interest.

Mayawati: She intends to meet all statues in UAE to understand their problems and appeal to UAE govt to allot some land in the country where her tallest statue can be built.

Mulayam Singh Yadav: He would hold meeting with opposition parties in UAE for a possible third front alliance in India to stop communal forces from winning more elections. It will be called ‘Great Grand Alliance’ or ‘Ultra Janta Parivaar’.

Sharad Pawar: He will further strengthen his secular credentials by meeting Sheikhs and learning about their lifestyle, bank accounts and way they control natural resources.

Modi showing sheikhs footage from Indian parliament.
Modi showing sheikhs footage from Indian parliament.

Arvind Kejriwal: After waiving electricity bills for defaulters in Delhi, Kejriwal with an eye on 2019 Lok Sabha elections now intends to win over hearts of NRIs in UAE and will therefore demand waiver of their electricity and water bills from UAE govt.

Vasundhra Raje: With Rajasthan Cricket Association suspended by BCCI to host any IPL matches, Raje would ask UAE govt to let Rajasthan Royals hosts matches there. She will however deny that this demand has got anything to do with Lalit Modi.

Rahul Gandhi: He intends to go there and gatecrash random Indian households to have dinner with them. He will further even ask for more salaries to be given to NRIs working under Adani. However for the sake of Muslim vote bank in India, he will refrain from doing women empowerment there.

Jayalalitha: She will go on a study tour the jails of UAE and would implement the same facilities back in jails of Tamil Nadu, since she is quite a regular visitor there.

Nitish Kumar: The CM of Bihar not satisfied with just 50 lakh samples collected from Bihar, will go to UAE and cut nails and hair of NRI biharis and Biahri laborers to send them for a DNA test.

Raj Thackeray: If Biharis in UAE refuse to part with their hair and nail, Raj Thackeray currently free from any political responsibility (and perpetually free from any sensible responsibility) will help Nitish, along with MNS workers, in getting those samples collected from Biharis.