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Following the recent incident in Karnataka assembly, Assemblies to have free periods for games like schools

11, Dec 2014 By sunnyyy

Karnataka: Just like in schools where students have free periods to play games, surf the web, look at the pictures of their crushes on Internet; state assemblies too will get the same incentive for one hour before and after every session following the recent incident which occurred in the Karnataka assembly.

The park in front will be used for outdoor games.
The park in front will be used for outdoor games.

“Taking everyone’s whims and fancies into consideration, we have come up with this indigenous concept of zero period for recreational activities in the assembly so that the MLAs don’t do such things during the on-going session and we cover the syllabus of every constituency as early as possible. Initially we thought of banning the cell phones inside the assembly but then we decided to create a free wi-fi zone here in the assembly,” speaker of Karnataka assembly told our reporter as he created a new record in subway surfer on his smartphone.

According to our sources, the erring MLAs have been punished and they will be standing with their hands up outside the assembly for some time.

On being contacted by Faking News, one of the punished MLA said, “It is not like I am the only one who plays candy crush, subway surfer or any other famous games but I am the only one who has got caught. You can check anybody’s smartphone. In fact I am just a rookie, this has been going on for decades now, much before the advent of mobiles when people were using magazines, those hand video-games, calculators etc.”

Later, the MLA invited our reporter to participate in the Tambola competition being organized this sunday in the assembly.

The other MLA who was caught zooming in on the image of Priyanka was unavailable for comment as he was seen fighting a small farmer of Haryana.

The reports suggest that a major decision has been taken regarding the viewing of images of Priyanka, by the speaker.

“The problem has been solved regarding Priyanka, the speaker and other MLAs have agreed upon getting a 3d 70 x 70 inch poster of Priyanka pasted here in the assembly,” a hysterical MLA revealed to Faking News.