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Free Wi-Fi, free electricity and free water to consumers who pay for it: AAP govt

23, Feb 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: Unlike BJP government, which failed to bring back black money and deposit 15 lakh rupees in everyone’s account, AAP has turned the way government works.

Standing up to their promises, AAP spokesperson, spoke about their plans to Faking News. He said, “First of all, let me clarify that we are providing free Wi-Fi, free electricity and free water to Delhi people, who will pay for it. Like, if you want free Wi-Fi for whole month, you just have to pay us one thousand rupees every month. Then, you will get free Wi-Fi for that whole month. Also, you have to pay your electricity bills and you will get free electricity. Same goes for water too. Pay your bills and get free water. Everything is free! Free!”

Prominent five star hotels have also started giving free lunch to Delhi people. You just have to pay for them, or you can use their phone to inform Modi to pay for your foods too.

When we asked about how they could manage after providing all these costly things for free, he said, “Yes bhai! It is going to be economically tight for us. But what to do? The welfare and achche din of people are more important to us than spending money on foreign tours and 10-crore pinstripe suit. Also, our future budget is dependent on how Modi favors us. If you want better days ahead for Delhi, then you have to knock the home of Modi. Modi might be busy in getting funds from Ambani and Adani for running the country. But, it is Modi who should help us by providing funds to run Delhi.”

Expressing his opinion on state government policies, one satisfied Delhi voter said, “I’m very happy. Not only me, our entire family and friends are happy and proud that we voted for AAP. Now, we will get free Wi-Fi, free electricity and free water. We just have to pay for them, but that is nothing compared to the joy you will get in those things for free.”