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Frequent walkouts from parliament helping MPs get in shape

30, Apr 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Opposition MPs, especially those belonging to the RJD and Samajwadi Party, have confirmed that they were losing weight and getting in shape thanks to their frequent walkouts from the parliament in the recent days. MPs are upbeat and are looking forward to more walkouts to get a perfect body. Special meetings of RJD and SP MPs have been convened to list out various issues upon which they can walkout at will.

“It was fucking fun!” confirmed an RJD MP, who walked out of Lok Sabha today accusing the UPA government of being anti-Muslim. “The Minister was replying and the speaker Meira Kumar was telling us something in her 13 decibel voice when we stomped out shouting slogans. Can you imagine, how cool it was?” added the MP in excitement.

Walking leaders
SP and RJD bosses react sharply when a journalist doubted if their party members were actually getting in shape

According to well placed sources, MPs belonging to RJD and Samajwadi party have lost at least two kilograms each this week thanks to the frequent walkouts. They have also gained slimmer waistlines.

“It’s rather fortunate that most of these MPs wear dhotis and pyjamas that don’t have fixed waist-sizes, or they would have needed new trousers.” said fashion designer Manish Malhotra, who offered to perform a complete makeover of the walking MPs.

The walkouts by the honorable MPs have also attracted appreciation by many political experts.

“Finally parliamentary sessions are being put to some good use, else these walkouts and adjournments were causing us almost 20,000 rupees per minute!” said Justice Malcom Gavaskar, who had earlier advised the parliament to appoint session referees to conduct routine business without any routine disturbances.

Mobile operator Idea too has expressed interest in sponsoring the walkouts, though they are not sure if they should call it “Walk When You Talk” or “Walk When They Talk”. The company will soon take a call on this issue and contact the MPs with their offer.

Buoyed by the positive response and encouraging results, MPs have planned to meet daily in the evenings to discuss issues over which they could walkout from the parliament the next day.

“There is no dearth of issues to disagree upon. India is a multi-cultural society and we are sure we can find new reasons to walkout.” said a Samajwadi Party MP, who is hoping to get a six-pack abs by the end of the budget session.