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Frustrated of being turned into poll agenda, Vadra chops off Antarctica from Earth to create his own planet

28, Apr 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Miffed with constantly being under attack by the opposition parties for his dubious land deals, Robert Vadra has chopped off Antarctica from Earth to create a planet of his own. Vadra’s out of the box solution to get rid of all his worries at once came as a surprise not only to BJP but to his own family too.

Sources say that initially he was trying to create a separate planet by using the land plots that he held. “He wanted to dig out all his properties and use the mud and rock to create a new small planet. Idea was to launch the planet into space using a rocket and place it in an orbit around the Earth,” revealed a source close to Gandhi family, “He wanted it to be the second Moon of Earth.”

Vadra Antarctica
Because having a private island or land is too mainstream.

“But the plan couldn’t materialize as Rahul Gandhi was repeatedly pressurizing Mr Vadra to take a few lakh poor people with him and drop them on Jupiter so that he can talk about empowerment,” source added further.

It was then, that Robert Vadra decided to donate all his land to the Indian government and instead take away whole of the southernmost continent – The Antarctica. The government of India brokered this deal with the rest of the world, sources tell Faking News.

As per Congress leaders, Robert Vadra wanted to live peacefully with his land, but blame game of elections foiled his dreams badly.

“BJP should be ashamed of its act. Such a gentleman Mr Vadra was, that he donated all his costly plots in India and settled down for place like Antarctica. BJP drove away such a big hearted man from this country,” said a visibly upset Digvijay Singh lashing out at the saffron party.

Reportedly, before chopping off Antarctica and flying away with it, he left a note for his in-laws and wife which read: “Please don’t send any space mission to find me and my planet, which by the way have been named – Roberta. Will contact you after a year, till then I want to enjoy much needed solitude with my land and Penguins. Goodbye.”

Meanwhile, remembering Robert Vadra, Rahul Gandhi shared a two years old incident with public at a rally in Haryana.

“Once Jija Ji took me to a chocolate shop and bought me a Kit Kat. And you know what, he didn’t give the shopkeeper money. Instead he gave him ten meter of land in Rajasthan,” recounted an emotional Rahul Gandhi, revealing the original toffee model.