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Frustrated with no one targeting it, Congress to attack itself in the last few days of Delhi election campaign

04, Feb 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In their last bid to up the ante in the final leg of campaigning for Delhi elections, Congress has today decided to target itself for the remaining few days of the campaign.

The Congress Working Committee took this decision after their desperate attempts to get both BJP and AAP to target it and give it some publicity failed.

“With both AAP and BJP attacking only each other, we tried to remind them about the alleged misrule they used to accuse us of only sometime back, but they still didn’t attack us. We were feeling even more ignored than Shiromani Akali Dal in Tamil Nadu,” said Arvinder Singh lovely.

Maken and Lovely showing the first negative poster of their party that they have finalized.
Maken and Lovely showing the first negative poster of their party that they have finalized.

Arre bhai koi hum par bhi kuch aaroop laga do plz,” Maken is reported to have cried in a rally, before realizing that Congress will have to take the matter in its own hands now.

As a part of its negative campaign against itself, Congress went to various Delhi voters to ask as to why exactly they hate Congress in Delhi despite it doing fairly well under Sheila Dixit’s regime.

“So far they appear as confused as we are about where exactly we went wrong. Probably too much development for 15 years under Sheila Dixit ji irritated locals as they could not keep pace with so much development in Delhi,” claimed Maken pointing to how one local complained of getting confused while commuting on Delhi roads with so many flyovers and underpasses.

Now Congress is set to release their first set of the posters attacking itself. If the response is good they plan to come out with more anti-self posters.

“Ajay Maken ji will personally paste those posters behind every auto in Delhi today,” revealed Maken.

When asked how Congress stands to gain through this tactic, Maken said that Congress was not just going to stop at that, but will also apologize for the mistakes highlighted in the posters.

Dilli ki janta ka dil bahut bada hai ji. Woh kisi ko bhi maaf kar deti hai ji,” Maken revealed how Congress intends to get sympathy votes by playing victim card.