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Furious at suggestions, Nitish Kumar bans facebook in Bihar

12, Jun 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Patna. After being angry with BJP for publishing an advertisement in Bihar newspapers showing him with Narendra Modi, which led him to cancel a dinner with the party leaders, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has now decided to ban facebook in the state because the social networking website has been showing him not only along with Narendra Modi but suggesting him to befriend his bête-noir RJD president Lalu Yadav.

Nitish Kumar happened to see these ‘outrageous’ suggestions when he logged into his facebook account earlier today to ‘like’ Faking News.

Nitish Kumar's facebook page
Facebook suggestions for Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar feels that such suggestions will spoil his image as a secular and development oriented Chief Minister and could cost him dearly during the state assembly elections later this year. The ban on facebook would come into effect from Monday morning when all the government officials would rejoin their office after the weekend.

“He is over-reacting and trying to run away from the reality. These pictures only show the reality.” a state BJP leader said on conditions of anonymity. “Or does he think he can win Muslim votes through such steps? Ridiculous!” he added.

When asked to comment, Nitish Kumar just said, “Chhodiye naa…” as he walked away from the cameras.

But the decision has not gone well with the residents of Bihar, who don’t want to join the ranks of Pakistan after this decision comes into effect.

“I hope the officials get it all wrong and ban orkut instead.” hoped Alok, a facebook supporter.