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Government cool with corrupt and criminal babas till they don’t get into politics

13, Jun 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Government of India has clarified that that it didn’t give a hoot for various crooks and criminals masquerading as godmen and gurus till they kept off politics. The clarification has been welcomed by all political parties and leaders of the nation hope that such babas would continue doing what they are good at – sleight of hand, spreading superstition, sheltering criminals, money laundering, and sex scandals – and not interfere in their domain.

“Did we arrest anyone for preaching that having a black dog in the north-west corner of the house will get rid of financial troubles? Or did we ever call anyone claiming himself as god as some sort of thug?” argued Congress speaker Janardan Dwivedi, rejecting the criticism that Congress was anti-baba because of its recent and relentless campaign against Baba Ramdev.

An astrology program on India TV
Government says that babas can appear on national television, keep on practicing and preaching bullshit with impunity, but shouldn’t enter politics.

“In fact, many of us follow such babas and consult them before filing nominations for elections,” Dwivedi clarified, “We love what babas do, but we have problems when they try to get into our space. That’s not what babas are supposed to do.”

Dwivedi further pointed out that a highly controversial godman like Chandraswami had been the spiritual guru of many Congress leaders till he was suspected of being involved in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

“Don’t target the family and don’t get into politics is all we are asking these guys,” Dwivedi added.

BJP too has welcomed the clarification and hoped that various babas will “get the message” continue doing the “good work” instead of trying to act like a proactive opposition party.

However, experts believe that babas of the country might not settle for this compromise formula and the country could see more clashes between babas and netas (politicians) in future.

“See, first it happened with politicians and criminals, once the criminals realized that why should they stick to booth capturing and intimidating voters on behalf of some politician when they could do those for themselves,” social scientist Parikshit said, “Babas too seem to have realized that they were equally good at fooling people and yet appearing as caring for them – hallmark of a politician – so they would surely fancy their chances in politics.”

“The stiff competition from criminals pushed the leaders to make some laws that barred criminals from contesting elections, but no such laws exist for babas,” Parikshit pointed out.