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Government bought things at inflated prices to fight war against corruption

08, Apr 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In a shocking development, it has come to light that the government has bought an assortment of unnecessary things, ranging from war-tanks to beer-mugs, at inflated and unbelievable prices in name of fighting “war against corruption”. These things were bought in the last three days after social activist and Gandhian leader Anna Hazare started his fast unto death to protest corruption in civil life.

“WTF! Another scam!?” reacted Vivek, an anti-corruption activist, who had just returned from Jantar Mantar in Delhi where Hazare has been fasting.

Vivek’s fears are not unfounded as it surely looks like another scam with the government signing an order to buy a fleet of war-tanks from the US to fight war against corruption. Even as using tanks to fight such kind of a war looked as odd as it can get, Faking News was further shocked to learn that the tanks were sold to India at seven times higher rate than what US charges other countries, except Pakistan, where they are given free in aid.

Jyoti Devi, Congress MLC, smashing flower pots
Earlier in July 2010, Jyoti Devi, a Congress leader in Bihar assembly, had valiantly fought the war against corruption with flower pots.

Faking News’ frenetic attempts to contact defense ministry, which included two emails to and a missed call to the landline number given on the website, were returned with no success even as we further discovered that other departments too had indulged in similar deals to buy bizarre things in name of fighting corruption.

For example, at least 3000 beer mugs of 50,000 rupees each were bought by the Home Ministry to fight corruption, though the official there claimed that the mugs were bought so that juice could be offered in them to the fasting protestors at Jantar Mantar.

“Those are the normal rates we pay for buying housekeeping objects,” said the official, rejecting any malpractice or fraud in the purchase of the beer-mugs.

Similar outlandish things at puzzling prices were bought by various other government ministries, with the most bizarre being Kapil Sibal’s Telecommunications Ministry buying zoozoos to win the war against the corruption. Vodafone, which otherwise owes $ 2.5 billion to the government as unpaid taxes, would now be paid $ 3 billion by the government for handing over an “army” of 300 3G zoozoos.

Faking News didn’t bother to check what the Agriculture Ministry under Sharad Pawar was upto.

“I think they have decided to fight corruption with more corruption,” Dr. Arvind Bedi, a homeopathic doctor said.