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Government clarifies that the main purpose of Demonetisation was to make every person an economist

03, Sep 2017 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi: Recently, Reserve Bank of India revealed that only 1% of demonetised banknotes haven’t returned to the banking system, putting a question mark on the effectiveness of the step. Government later clarified that the main purpose of demonetization wasn’t to purge black money or counterfeit notes but to make every person an economist.


Earlier one of the government officials had also said that the main aim of demonetization was to make people learn to stand in a queue. Government is changing the purpose of demonetization faster that it has changed the full form of GST. Nevertheless, if government’s main aim of demonetization was to make every aam aadmi an economist then demonetization is a success.

Faking News reporter spoke to BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, who said, “Modi in his rallies ahead of 2014 lok sabha election said that education will be his one of the top priorities, and demonetization has certainly played an important role in educating masses in a short duration of 50 days”. Mr. Patra further added, “Demonetization not only taught basic mathematics but also made a common citizen economist. Now everyone is questioning government about GDP, GNP and fiscal deficit. That’s the power of democracy and Modi ji”.

Congress Spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi slammed Modi government after RBI’s statement and said, “Modi has no intention to finish black money or counterfeit notes. All he wanted to do was to bring Rahul Gandhi on road, and he succeeded, Modi is doing gutter level politics.”

Whether demonetization brought the changes it was supposed to bring is questionable but government’s shifting goals for its purpose is making people doubt the very intention of doing it. Whether it’s a success or failure that time will tell or Faking News will tell.