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Government planning to put CBI blimps everywhere in the country

28, Apr 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Stung by the criticism that it asked CBI to go slow on corruption cases against some of the opposition leaders to secure their support in the parliament, UPA government has decided to put CBI blimps everywhere in the country to underscore the assertion that it was a free body driven by its own free will. These blimps would not be chained and would be freely floating in all the leading cities of India.

“There have been misleading media reports that suggest that the government had struck a deal with likes of Lalu Yadav, Mayawati or A Raja to let them get away with CBI probe in lieu of their respective parties’ support to the government. This is all baseless and malicious. We want to send out a message that CBI was an independent body.” Information and Broadcasting Minister Ms. Ambika Soni said.

CBI blimp
CBI blimps would soon be seen in the skies

Announcing the decision at Feroz Shah Kotla stadium here, Ms. Soni also released the maiden CBI blimp on the occasion. The blimp went up high in the air and kept hovering over the stadium for the whole duration of the press conference, attracting jibes from the journalists present.

“Madam, there is no activity or motion at all. Is that how CBI functions?” asked independent journalist Jarnail Singh, who had flung shoes at P Chidambaram last year to protest CBI’s clean chit to politicians accused of leading anti-Sikh riots.

Ms. Soni tried to justify the behavior of blimp by claiming that it was keeping an eye over the stadium that hosted a few IPL matches as IPL scam was on the top of the agenda of the government as of now.

“Please be patient and allow us to put more blimps in other cities. You’d get your answers and people would know that the CBI is on move.” Ms. Soni said.

Government has expressed confidence that the move will reiterate and emphasize CBI’s contribution towards making of a corruption-free India in the same way as MRF blimps underscored the contribution of MRF Pace Foundation to Indian cricket. But a few marketing experts differ.

“MRF is in business of making tyres, which are hollow from inside, so a blimp went well with their positioning. But an investigation agency is not expected to be hollow! It should have a strong internal structure and its motion must not be influenced just by hot airs. I’m not sure if this will send out a right message.” Aulad Kakkar, a marketing guru said.