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Government put under maintenance mode till further notice

15, Aug 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has announced that the central government has been put under “maintenance mode” till further notice. The decision was taken after the PM, during his Independence Day speech, accepted that there were many challenges that the country faced, however, he didn’t suggest any specific solutions.

“The government will be under maintenance mode till we find some solutions,” announced Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde.

Home Minister claimed that if systems were not put under proper maintenance, they start failing, as had happened with power grids a few weeks back.

Under Maintenance
Government at work

“To avoid total failure of governance, we have decided to put the whole government under maintenance mode,” Shinde disclosed.

Government sources claim that by putting the whole government under maintenance mode, the whole issue of “policy paralysis” will be rationalized, because it will become easier for the government to explain why they are not able to take any policy decisions.

“We can no longer blame Mamata Banerjee for any policy roadblock, as this has started sounding like a joke; and Mamata Banerjee doesn’t like jokes,” a government source claimed why policy paralysis needed a new explanation.

“Maintenance mode is a better excuse… I mean, explanation,” the source said.

When a website is put under maintenance mode, a fixed message or only static pages message are visible to the visitors. In the same way, government offices will either be closed with a poster outside the door or the government officers will come to the office and won’t do any work.

“Most probably a poster would be put outside the offices, because the second option would not be much different from what the situation is right now,” a Home Ministry official told Faking News.

We tried to get a reaction from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over this decision, but he gave no reactions. We couldn’t confirm if the Prime Minister was under maintenance mode or regular mode.