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Government releases a book listing all the acronyms introduced by ministers over past 3 years

26, May 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Guwahati: Modi government has completed 3 years in office and to mark the occasion, the government focused on acronyms, as they have done for majority of the 3 yrs. At a function in Assam, PM Modi released a book that listed all the acronyms introduced by PM Modi and his cabinet. The book titled ‘GITA- Governance Is Through Acronyms’ is written by acronym expert Venkaiah Naidu.

AAI- Acronyms Association of India
AAI- Acronyms Association of India

As per sources, initially the plan was to just release a list of the acronyms to showcase government’s achievements but when they started listing them, they found that there is enough material for a book. Along with the acronyms, there are also stories of how these acronyms were thought of and the colorful stories behind them.

“This GITA is our government’s Gita. This will inspire us to keep working without worrying about the results. The title also tells us that governance should be done through acronyms only and that is why we will spend more and more time on new acronyms. This book took 3 years but hopefully, we will have enough material for a 2nd book before the elections in 2019″, Mr. Naidu said.

Further, he added ,”Hopefully people will recognize our hard work after reading this book and it will pave the way for ‘Modi Again’, MODI- Maker of Developed India, AGAIN- Acronyms Grow An Indian’s Nationalism.”