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Government to introduce Pradhan Mantri Hawai Yatra Cess during next Mann ki baat by the PM

05, Jun 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: In yet another taxing move to get more tax revenue from the taxpayers, Government of India has decided to introduce a 0.5% Pradhan Mantri Hawai Yatra Cess on all services and serviceable goods. It is being rumored that this tax will be announced during next “Mann ki baat” by PM on radio.

As per sources, this is Government’s way of making people feel less bad about paying Income Tax. “We will add so many additional cess that people will start thinking ‘Isse achha to Income Tax hi tha‘, it might help us in broadening the tax base as well in the long run”, said a senior officer at the Finance ministry.

Say Hello to another cess

Sanjeet Somesh, a veteran chartered accountant and an expert on Governmental Taxation policies commented on this move and said, “All the foreign trips and tours are actually very costly to the country. Air-tickets, hotels, food, luggage, parties, site-seeing and what not, all this costs log of money, and this particular “Pradhan Mantri hawai Yatra Cess” will fund all those crucial foreign trips at a very minor additional cost to the exchequer. And let me clarify what I mean by “costly trips” here. When people imagine our PM traveling they think of it as one person traveling in one Boeing 747. But it is actually a kafila of planes with security personnel, diplomats, and also all the bureaucrats who are due for a foreign holiday. We have to fund all of them as well.”

While people who are already paying 400 rupees of taxes, charges and cess on every 1000 rupee restaurant bill are revolting because of this additional tax implication, it is also being rumored that this tax may be one of the first in the list of innovative taxes government is planning. According to sources, few other taxes that may get announced in next Mann Ki Baat are:

1) Dr Swamy Court Yatra cess – Cess to cover the legal fees for numerous court cases Dr. Swamy has filed against celebrity politicians

2) Dawood Ibrahim dharpakad yojna cess – Millions of dollars being spent on intelligence agencies to locate and capture Dawood Ibrahim outside Pakistan, while he is in Pakistan

3) Sir Barack Obama Swagat Sussajja cess – Lakhs of rupees spent on celebrations and decorations when Sir Barack Obama (or Trump next year) visits India in capacity of US President

Taking a cue from these central government taxes, even Aam Aadmi party is planning to levy some specific state taxes in Delhi such as “Mukhyamantri Punjab Yatra cess”, “Mukhyamantri Telecalling Namashkar ji cess”, “Odd-even Safalta Inaam Yojna cess” and “Swachh Degree Jaanchpadtaal cess”.

“Center government isn’t helping us so we have to help ourselves and raise revenue”, said senior AAP leader Ashutosh.