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Government’s Digital Push: Quarter free with every Whiskey bottle if you use digital wallets for payment

09, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: With limited cash supply post demonetization, government is coming up with various schemes to promote cashless transactions. After introducing cheating time for students, government is now targeting alcohol lovers to push towards cashless economy.

Bottle lo, Quarter free
Bottle lo, Quarter free

Starting at 8 PM tonight, everyone who buys a bottle of alcohol at any wine shop will get a quarter of the same brand free. Wine shop owners can submit a weekly list of all the purchases from their shops and they will be reimbursed by the government for the free quarters they will give out. This scheme is likely to motivate a large number of Indians to use digital wallets.

“A large number of people have already switched over to cashless transactions during the past month but we really want to accelerate this switch. We looked at the most popular commodity and decided to introduce this scheme there to reach the largest group of people. Hopefully, this will make more people move to digital wallets”, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said.

However, opposition has lashed out at the government for this step. There have been allegations that government is pushing people towards alcohol in order to promote its digital wallets. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal even tweeted about it. In his tweet, he said,”Mallya made alcohol, government offering free alcohol, what is the deal Modi Ji?”

Senior CPM leader Sitaram Yechury has also criticized this move and said that Modi is using cashless transactions for his political gains. “By offering free alcohol, Modi wants to increase his popularity in Kerala. However, we will not let him do that.”

Meanwhile, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar who has support demonetization so far, has asked all newspapers in Bihar to avoid carrying this news lest it creates a situation of civil unrest. “Inhe paise me nahi mil rahi, log baahar free me le rahe hain, dange na ho jaayein”, he reportedly said.