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Govt declares JNU a disturbed area; Imposes AFSPA

18, Feb 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

Ground zero- JNU

New Delhi: In a sensational move, the center government has declared JNU a disturbed area and imposed AFSPA – the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act 1958, till the situation there returns to normal. The decision was taken at a high level meeting chaired by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi himself.

Our sources in the know tell us that this decision was forced upon the government after the videos of JNU students calling for “azadi” and “Bharat ki barbadi” got mixed up with those of Pro-Pakistan Kashmiri agitators shouting similar slogans and the agencies were unable to distinguish between them.

However, all the major political parties immediately got into heated shouting matches, sloganeering and protests while emphasizing that the issue should not be politicized.

The controversial move though was welcomed by many residents of the Kashmir valley who felt “closer than ever” to JNU. They even proposed renaming of JNU to AKU – Azad Kashmir University.

One anti-India Kashmiri student at JNU instinctively pelted a stone at the nearest armed forces vehicle as soon as the announcement was made. Soon, a group of students ripped apart the bricks from unused classrooms and joined in stone pelting at the armed forces.

Professional Anti-AFSPA agitators, who have been off the grid for a while, soon seized the opportunity and took to the social media calling for protests and PILs against this move.

JNU students union met up with senior activist lawyers to figure out a way where JNU could secede from the Indian Union while continuing to get funded by the Indian government. Prashant Bhushan immediately demanded a plebiscite on the JNU secession issue.

The Military officials, after a quick look around, are learnt to have struggled to distinguish between the students, labour, faculty, administration and the workers and sought help from the government regarding the same.

Meanwhile, Hafiz Saeed has tweeted his support to JNU and attached his Passport copy as proof that this is the original account.