Govt to launch Exam Warrior like book for the walking migrants, it will have tips about how to walk safely

09, May 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

 New Delhi. Officials have ordered an investigation after 16 people were run over by a freight train in the state of Maharashtra.

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The dead were migrant workers who had fallen asleep on the tracks, while attempting to walk to a station, from where they were hoping to get a train home. The government is taking some strict steps to make life easier for stressed-out migrant workers.

The HR ministry plans to launch an Exam Warrior type of book which will contain all the tips and precautions for the workers which would help them walk for 1500-200 Kms easily. Walking is good for health, said an official from the health ministry. The migrants would have suffered less fatigue if they had resorted to Yoga on a daily basis, said another official.

The book is currently in the printing process and will be out in the market in 2-3 days. The money collected from the sale of the book will be given towards the PMCARES fund which will then again be used to print such inspirational books. Money well spent. It is a tight slap on the faces of people who are doubting the spending process of money collected in the disaster relief fund.