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Govt mulls having bouncers in Parliament to stop MPs from frequent walkouts

04, Apr 2018 By @jurnoleast

Concerned about frequent walkouts by MPs, Govt is now planning to have bouncers inside the Parliament to address the issue. These bouncers will be placed at the exits of both houses of the Parliament and they will have the power to stop anyone from leaving the house.

The current session of the Parliament has hardly seen any constructive work with frequent adjournments. “The only time we have them all sitting quietly is when we discuss pay hike of MPs,” said an observer.

Before narrowing down on bouncers, Govt had considered other options such as ordering pizza, screening of cricket matches and so on to quell the ruckus in the house. “Nothing seemed to have worked. So the only option left was to use the services of a bouncer,” said a source close to the development.

The decision evoked mixed reaction from Parliamentarians. Opposition parties thought that the decision was harsh and severe and infringed on their right to expression. “Arre ye koi pub hai kya ki yaha bouncer rakhiyega. Jab marshall hai Parliament mein toh bouncer ki kya zaroorat. Sarkaar ko humse maafi maangni chahiye,” screamed an opposition MP.

No sooner he finished saying this, the MP got an sms which read ‘Maafi mai maangoonga. Shaam tak likh kar bhejta hu – AAPka Arvind Kejriwal’.

Meanwhile, the entire contingent of Opposition parties is planning to raise this issue in the next session and said that they will carry pepper spray to deal with anyone who stops them from walking out.