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Govt. provides 425 medicines under Jan Aushadi Scheme but leaves out cough syrup, Kejriwal cries foul

29, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Government’s ambitious Jan Aushadi Scheme that is aimed at providing 425 generic drugs to the people is already facing criticism from Aam Aadmi Party, which has alleged that BJP Govt. is practicing discrimination.

Kejriwal all set for the 'cough fest'
Kejriwal all set for the ‘cough fest’

Apparently, Govt. has no given any clarity on the inclusion of cough syrups in the list of drugs to be part of the list, which has got Arvind Kejriwal questioning its intention.

Speaking to Faking News from Benaglauru, where he is attending a 10 day naturopathy course to treat his chronic cough, Arvind Kejriwal said, “I am not surprised that they have done something like this. They know that I am suffering from cough for the last couple of years and they have chosen to leave out cough syrup from the scheme. If this is not discrimination then what is?” he questioned.

Abhi kuch dino ke liye mai Bengaluru mein hu. Jab Delhi jaoonga toh hum dharna karenge. Modiji must answer,” he added, amidst persistent coughing.

Sources close to the Delhi CM have also revealed that Kejriwal, after his return to Delhi, is planning to put up giant speakers outside PM Modi’s house, turn up the volume, and cough into the microphone. Ashutosh and Kumar Vishwas are expected to join Arvind Kejriwal

“This is the only way to get their attention. In fact, all AAP members suffering from cold and cough are expected to converge at PM’s residence and  ‘make themselves heard’. We are also planning to make an ad on this,” said Ashutosh, as he practiced a few coughs.

BJP dismissed the threat and said there was no reason to worry at all. “These AAP guys can go on with their ‘cough fest’ for as long as they want. Modiji hardly stays at his official residence. Its common knowledge that he is more outside the country than inside,” guffawed BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra.