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Govt. scraps Monsoon, Budget and Winter sessions, introduces Smoking, Washroom and Canteen sessions to have meaningful parliamentary discussion

24, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: In a move that could dramatically increase the productivity of the Parliament, BJP government is planning to scrap Monsoon, Budget and Winter sessions and planning to introduce Smoking, Washroom and Canteen sessions to have meaningful parliamentary discussion.

More meaningful sessions guaranteed.
More meaningful sessions guaranteed.

Speaking to Faking News a source close to this development said, “The last few days have seen a lot of disruptions. The ruling government is concerned about the lack of meaningful discussions taking place in the Parliament. It has been observed that after Parliament is adjourned, members walk to the canteen, washroom and smoking area. It has also been noted that the level of discussion between the members is very meaningful unlike the ones in the Parliament.”

“There is a general sense of camaraderie among members when they are in these areas even if they belong to opposing parties. This has prompted the government to introduce new sessions in a bid to ensure productive work,” he added.

Many MPs welcomed this move saying that finally the government has come up with a good proposal.  “I have been an MP for the last 10 years and have witnessed some really engaging discussions in the washroom. Infact PM’s ‘shauchalay yojana’ originated in the Parliament’s washroom,” said one MP.

Meanwhile, other MP’s have criticized the move saying this is another tactic by the ruling party to divide the people of this country like PM Modi is doing by selectively praising Shashi Tharoor.

Government is however very optimistic that this move will pay off. “It will not only make MPs happy but even Robert Vadra will not accuse us of using diversionary tactics during these sessions,” said one BJP leader.