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Govt. to manufacture 'assembled' awards so that returnee can return his part of the award without hurting team's sentiments

07, Nov 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: Gone are the days when only one indivisible award was given to the entire team, paying no heed to the sentiments of the whole team and their desire to own the precious cup or trophy, while only the most dominating person of the winning team would get to keep it.

Prototype of an assembled award
Prototype of an assembled award

Yes, we are talking about the government’s new scheme “Samvet Puraskar Yojana” that promises comforting convenience to the award winning personalities. Today, high profile national awards given by the government come as single unit irrespective of the fact whether it is conferred upon an individual or the whole team. Usually, the trophy goes to the most commanding personality rather than the most demanding.

With the new scheme, an award will appear to be a single unit but in fact, it will be an assembly of multiple parts. Judges will be entitled to map a part each to every team member of the winning team. For example, base of the award can be owned by choreographer while the jewel on its hilt could go to lead female in the team. This way every one gets to keep their part depending on how big a part they played in having the team win the award.

As this is pre-designated by the judges, there will be no chance of grudges among team members. Also, whenever there are signs of slightest intolerance in the country, a prospect returnee from the team can return his part!

Intellectuals from various fields seemed quite happy with Samvet Puraskar Yojana’s announcement; something that happened for the first time in last 1 to 2 years.

Dibakar Banerjee, who had returned the team award without taking consent from anyone from the team said, “If this Yojana was announced a little earlier, I wouldn’t have had to face intolerance arising from my intolerance towards climate of country’s intolerance.”

Sources say, government has taken a very good step by separating the concerns by simply separating the parts of award. This could well end up being a master stroke given its potential to bring out the genuine percentage of intolerance in the country.